(i) Discharge their professional responsibilities according to the existing rules.

(ii) Adhere to procedures and methods consistent with their profession in initiating steps through their own institutional bodies and or professional organisations for change of any such rule detrimental to the professional interest.

(iii) Refrain from undertaking any other employment and commitment which are likely to interfere with their administrative responsibilities.

(iv) Co-operate with the Principal and Teachers of the institution and discharge responsibilities which such offices may demand.

(v) Co-operate with the authorities for the betterment of the institutions keeping in view the interest of the institution.

(vi) Adhere to the terms of Government rules and regulations.

(vii) Give and expect due notice before a change of position takes place.

(viii) Refrain from availing themselves of leave except on unavoidable grounds and as far as practicable with prior intimation, keeping in view their particular responsibility for completion of administrative schedule.

(ix) Be friendly with the Teaching staff in a cooperative undertaking, within the institution.

(x) Help in the smooth functioning of joint-staff councils covering both the teachers and the nonteaching staff.