Institute of Advanced Study in Education celebrates its 162nd year of exemplary service for the cause of education since 1856, the year of its inception, specially to the economically backward and the most meritorious students. The alumni of our college have risen to the level of President, Members of the Parliament, Vice-Chancellors of Universities, Joint Directors and District Education Officers and Chief Education Officers. In a country where education is held in very high esteem and the teacher equated with God, the faculty at Institute of Advanced Study in Education has dedicated themselves to impart education and also enable the students to be responsible teachers, citizens and individuals. Teacher trainees of IASE College are groomed carefully, the virtue of hard work, discipline and ethical practices in profession are imbibed.

Institute of Advanced Study in Education serves as a catalyst for sustained development of community through high quality education, productive strategies in teaching learning transactions and ventures that increase educational expertise, collaborative research, development of soft skills and social skills fostering diverse employable skills. The institution caters specially to the economically backward and themost meritorious students fromdifferent parts ofTamilNadu. An environment of dialogue and discovery is encouraged, where integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration, and innovation are fostered.

IASE Research and development code of ethics is built on a foundation of widely shared values. The institution is a State Government Institution and all the activities from admission to academic funding are carried out as per government norms. The entire organization and management of IASE is monitored by the Director of Collegiate Education, Chennai.

The alumni of Institute of Advanced Study in Education are former great veteran leaders, present Vice Chancelors and other distinguished persons of authority in various institutions.The institution is well connected by road,metro and rail. There are eight buildings in the college. The classrooms are spacious, well built and fully furnished. The learning resources available are the library, computer and communication skills learning facilities and audiovisual room. The laboratories are well equipped.

The institution offers Academic guidance and counselling, personal counselling and career counselling. IQAC maintains quality and ensures its consistency through constant surveillance, review and discussion, through feedback assessment from practising School Headmasters and Mentors, from students and commission members who visit us, apart from the alumni.

The institution has built up a strong network with the neighborhood schools by helping them in their academic activity, taking up cleaning operations and adult education program in its neighborhood. In Service programmes, support services to neighbourhood schools, application of latest trends in teaching, seminar sessions, and affording opportunity to all including SC, ST and the physically, visually handicapped, is ensured by careful planning. All Members of the faculty are doctorates with rich experience. They have published many books, articles in journals, presented papers at International, National and State level conferences. The faculty is given the chance to take up research projects with financial assistance from MHRD. The faculty of this college extends voluntary support service to all the new faculty of new Colleges of Education (self-financing) to help them take off in their academic activities.

The institution being number one and the most prestigious in the field of education, meritorious students get admission. They are truly interested and work hard to embellish their talents by participating in all the programmes with interest and enthusiasm. Institute of Advanced Study in Education given its location in a rapidly growing region planning is also in process to include provisions for enrolment growth by the introduction of integrated courses in various disciplines with education.

The democratic atmosphere and participatory approach of the administration andthecooperation ofthestaff ensureseasyadministration andhelpstomaintain quality. The Institute of Advanced Study in Education now proudly stands at the threshold of its 163rd year, always moving ahead with plans to serve, serve the Nation by training teachers who could mould humane citizens with IQ and EQ!