Performance of the Institution in One Area Distinctive to its Vision, Priority and Thrust

An environment of dialogue and discovery is encouraged, where integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect collaboration, and innovation are fostered. IASE Research and development code of ethics is built on a foundation of widely shared values. The core values of IASE and Autonomous status are upheld by the institution in the following ways:

  • Contributing to community, social and national development
  • Active IQAC fostering global competency among students by carefully planning, monitoring and organizing activities ensuring the overall development of the individual catering to global demand.
  • Inculcating moral, social, religious, personal value systems in the teacher trainee.
  • Developing national integration & International understanding.
  • Promoting the use of technology by incorporating technological aspects of teaching in the syllabus at the B.Ed. M.Ed. and M.Phil. level.

In order to present unto the world versatile teachers ever ready to counter present intellectual and emotional challenges specially in the Pandemic situation the concept of Experiential learning has been introduced this academic year where the students identify the local student community needs and educate them on any issue not necessarily academic needs it may be even using e mail. The students maintain a Service Learning Record.

This ensures community extension service. There is inculcation of professional and ethical values in Teachers and dissemination of the same through them effectively.

Programmmes designed to create awareness of individual potential ensuring excellence in pedagogical transaction is conducted periodically.

Every activity is planned to enhance the quality of teacher education program to meet the global standards. Steps are taken for dissemination of research to schools and to the society at large. Experiential learning helps to plan and implement various extension activities.

Value education, Human rights education is imparted to the prospective teachers. Awareness of environmental protection is created among the student teachers.