Programme Outcomes


Training Programmes

Effective teacher training programmes leading to immediate application of skills ensuring enhancement of knowledge of the teacher trainees.

Course Framework

The course framework tailored to suit and mete out global trends and demands providing the teacher trainees quality teacher education


Moulding good citizens of the nation

Value Orientation

Value orientation enhanced through training programmes, lectures and academic input

Inculcated Value Systems

Inculcated value systems in them so as to serve the community and nation with all oneness and integrity.

Increased intellectual input

Increased intellectual input in the subjects concerned to ensure efficient teaching learning transactions

Development * Expertise

Planned meaningful academic programmes to ensure development and expertise in the area chosen

Adequate Training

Adequate training to bring about holistic development of teachers sense of responsibility inculcated towards community and national development

Enhanced Awareness

Enhanced awareness of issues related to environment through academic programmes

Global Challenges

The student teachers prepared to meet the global challenges in the field of teaching.

Integral in Nature

The trainees enabled to come up in life with ideals integral in nature.

Enabled Access

Enabled access to educational opportunities to the disadvantaged by exploring the means and ways to implement the same

Facilitated placement

Facilitated placement through placement cell and equipping students for employment with relevant skills