Dr.S.Prabu Shankar

Assistant Professor of Education
M.Sc., (Maths) M.Sc., (Psychology) M.A., (Sociology) M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDHE

Details about the research guidance (Whether approved guide for M.Phil.,/Ph.D.,) (also state which University):
Approved guide for
Recognized M.Phil., & Ph.D., Supervisor of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University
a) M.Phil., : Ref: Letter No.TNTEU/R/M.PhilGuide/2010/1011 dated 23.12.2010.
b) Ph.d., Education: Ref: Letter No.TNTEU/R/Ph.DGuide/2011/302 dated 07.06.2011.

List of Publications : National Level 17
List of conferences/ Seminars (Presented/Participated): Presented: 16 & Participated: 12

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Research Guidance:


Education, Research Methods and Statistics

Area of Expertise:

Education, Research Statistics

Member in Academic bodies:

• S.I.T.U. Council of Educational Research, • All India Association for Educational Research
• The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India
• All India Schools Mathematics Teachers Association (A.I.S.M.T.A)


Teaching Experience :

18 years

Research Experience:

14 years